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We have established overseas branches&subsidiaries, marketing centers and spare parts warehouses in eight areas of Dubai, Houston, Kenya, Columbia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Singapore and Iran, and have set up offices in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Supplies equipment and quality services to more than 200 oil companies around the world.


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About Us

ENNis a dedicated service to the global energy industry, to create global energy Internet platform for high-tech enterprises, headquartered in Beijing, the global layout. With offices in Dubai, Houston, Kenya, Columbia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Singapore, Iran. And a warehouse consignment center in Houston and Dubai, the future intends to set up offices and warehouse consignment center in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Welcome to be a member of ENN e-commence platform. ENN is the first energy e-commerce in China that has integrated internet, energy & trade, and provides one-stop service of global energy trade to supplier and buyer registered in ENN platform. One-stop service includes supply and demand information, product publishing, overseas registration, logistics, warehousing, third-party supervision, export tax rebates etc. Register