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China National Aviation Fuel Back

[Basic Information]

China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited is a state-owned aviation fuel supplier which integrates the purchase, transportation, storage, quality management, sales and into-plane service of aviation fuel in China. It is an investment organization authorized by the State Council, a pilot state-owned holding company, and a central SOE directly under the administration of the SASAC.

CNAF controls and holds shares of over 20 companies at home and abroad, operating an intensive nationwide sales network, logistics and distribution system of aviation fuel, refined oil products and petrochemicals. The aviation fuel business covers 219 commercial airports in China where CNAF has its own fuel supply facilities and extends the market to 48 overseas airports. CNAF offers into-plane services to more than 300 airlines globally. The refined oil product and petrochemicals business deals with the wholesale, retail, storage and distribution of gasoline, diesel and petrochemicals in 25 provinces in China. The logistic business involves fuel tanker shipping, storage, wharf, pipeline transportation with large logistics and storage facilities in the Yangtze River Delta Region, the Pearl River Delta Region, the Pan Bohai Bay Rim Region and Southwest China.

With sales revenue of USD24.59 billion in 2016, the company ranked 439st among the Fortune Global 500 and it’s been the seventh consecutive years.